About me

I made my first steps in photography at the age of about 8 years. While preparing for a school trip, I asked my dad, whether I could borrow his camera. It was one the good old Kodak cameras without any automatic adjustment at all. My dad gave it to me and roughly explained how to use it. On a small piece of paper I drew three symbols: a sun, a sun behind a cloud, and a group of clouds. Behind the symbols I wrote: 125, 11 - and so on.


Several decades have passed, photography has remained my biggest passion ever since. It makes me being calm and excited at the same time, makes me forget work and business for a while.


Cameras have come and gone,  a few things have stayed:

  • experimenting without any automatic adjustment at all,
  • playing with structures, perspectives, and light,
  • waiting patiently for the sun to wink through the cloud or peep out from behind a skyscraper, waiting for a butterfly to take seat on a special blossom, or ...

For this website I selected several of my favorite photographs of the last few years. They are just a very small part of my experiments, and I hope you will enjoy looking at them. May the spirit of photography hug and embosom you.